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Say hello to these crowd favourites: goo and fluffy sand

Goo-dness gracious goo! At Smiggle we’ve got every type of goo and slime you can think of: shiny goo, character goo, slime lab goo, light up goo, stretchy goo, glow in the dark goo and goo from outer space. And the kids will agree that there is nothing better than playing with a big blob of goo! They’ll find all the best goo plus toys and games at Smiggle!

Smiggle goo is so much fun to squeeze and play with that we can guarantee they won’t be able to stop smiling and giggling! The fun never ends with goo!

They will want to impress all their classmates with Smiggle unicorn glitter goo! All the unicorn fans out there will fall in love with the stretchy, shimmery goodness that is goo with glitter! Amongst all that soft goo, you'll also find a unicorn hidden inside! Shiny, glittery and with surprise characters inside, Smiggle goo will keep them smiling and giggling for hours.

Do the kids want to get their hands dirty? Let them make their own goo and slime! If they’re a fan of all things slippery and slimy then they’re going to adore Smiggle's DIY kits. The kits include everything they need to create their very own slime creation–just add water, mix and get ready for fun! Give them the chance to become mad little scientists, creating goo from a small test tube and watching as it slips and slides through their fingers. The creepy colours will shimmer and shine like they are from an alien world. Spooky!

If the kids are crazy for goo then they’re going to love fluffy sand as well. With fluffy sand they can have their very own day at the beach right in their own house! Our fluffy sand has an awesome sand-like texture that can be stretched and moulded so the kids can make it into whatever their imagination desires! They can even build their own magical underwater world that never gets wet with a Sandtastic DIY kit! Each bucket contains approximately 300g of fluffy sand and includes a Purrmaid toy, sand tool, and sand tank.

There are so many more toys and activity books to discover! Shop the gooiest goo and the best toys and activities online at Smiggle now.