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Jumbo Paperclip
Jumbo Paperclip
+ 4 colours
Sharp Again Roll Eraser & Sharpener
Sharp Again Roll Eraser & Sharpener
+ 4 colours
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Desk essentials that will make the kids smile and giggle!

Brighten up homework time with exciting desk essentials from Smiggle like scissors, staplers, rulers and more! From compact sized metallic rulers to fun-filled erasers, essential stationery has never been this fun before!

Rulers have to be one of the handiest items in their pencil case but sometimes finding one that will fit into their pencil case can be a bit tricky. Well, here comes Smiggle to the rescue! Check out our handy folding ruler that fits into most pencil cases. The bendable and flexible silicone material is decorated with fun designs and is 15cm when closed and 30cm when folded out flat.

If the kids are after something a bit more classic in style then it’s hard to overlook a compact sized metallic ruler. At 15cm there's no fear that this bright metallic ruler will take up too much room on their desk or in their pencil case! The ruler is easy to grab and use with its 3 sides and comes in a range of vibrant colours.

Everyone makes mistakes right? That’s why we have a whole lot of colourful and unique erasers–so rubbing out mistakes is a whole lot more fun! Smiggle erasers can’t help but put a smile on their face and of course they will amaze all their friends at school too. Plus who can resist cute little unicorn erasers?

The kids will be twisting and shouting with glee when they erase with our hilarious Jelly Twist erasers. They can tie it up in knots and store it in their pencil case or untie it and let it stretch out! These colourful 30cm long twisted rope style erasers are available in five cool colour combinations.

Erasers on top of pencils are great right but scented pencil topper erasers just takes this idea to a whole new level! Not only do scented pencil topper erasers smell delightful they also add some fun to their pencils with all the cool characters on top. Our pencil topper erasers come with a matching Smiggle graphic HB pencil so they can get writing straight away too!

Make sure the kids have everything they need for school this year with other desk essentials like flexible silicone calculators, jumbo paperclips, pencil-shaped sharpeners, colourful scissors and more!

Shop all the most entertaining and smile-inducing desk essentials online at Smiggle now.