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Tech Goodies

Calling all the tech heads out there! Have a look at these super-cool kid’s tech accessories from Smiggle, including kid’s watches, alarm clocks, headphones and more!

First up, the kids will love rocking out to tune after tune with awesome foldable headphones from Smiggle. With vibrant designs, funky styling and an ultra-comfy fit, our headphones really rock! The soft ear pads and adjustable headband make it easy to get the right fit and they’re so comfortable that they won’t ever want to take them off. Equally perfect for listening to music when they’re lounging about at home, or when they’re out and about, the headphones will certainly make an impression with their eye-catching designs.

With a Bluetooth speaker the kids can take their music with them no matter where they go. And Smiggle’s kids Bluetooth speakers have superb sound quality, so all their songs will sound better than ever! To get them pumping out the tunes it’s as easy as charging them up through the USB port (comes with an included charge cord) and then pairing the speakers with a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone. Now the kids can play all their tunes whenever they feel like it!

Watch out kids! There’s no better time to grab a super-cool watch or alarm clock from Smiggle. They’ll never lose track of time again with a kids watch that lights up with a colourful 15-second light show at the press of a button. Speaking of time, tick tock, because it’s always a good time to choose a new kids alarm clock. And did we should mention that our talking clock is a barrel of laughs too! It can call out the time and temperature every hour or when you press its button. Plus it will tell you the time, has an alarm and snooze and a digital calendar with month and day.

When the warmer months roll on around, we’ve got a pretty handy way of keeping them cool; with Smiggle’s