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Smiggle takes colourful notebooks to a whole new level!

From lined notebooks and notepads to lockable journals and exercise books, Smiggle has all the coolest and most colourful stationery and school supplies. We’ve got everything the kids will need for jotting, doodling, writing and scribbling! With so many high quality embellishments, pretty characters and bright designs, Smiggle is your one-stop stationery shop!

The kids can keep all their thoughts and secrets under lock and key with a lovely tactile lockable notebook. Not only are they lockable but these notebooks are also covered in fancy tactile fabrics that really make the designs come alive! Check out adorable designs like a cuddly bear with glasses on, a soccer ball pattern or everyone’s favourite…unicorns! As if unicorns weren’t cute enough to begin with, in walked the Cutiecorns. Check out their adorable faces on glamourous-looking A5 reversible sequin notebooks. Taking notes just got a whole lot more fun in these super-pretty notebooks. Who can resist those irresistibly cute little faces? We know we can’t!

Everybody wake up and smell the notebooks! Scented notebooks are deliciously scented plush notebooks and notepads that make it super fun for the kids to write down notes and ideas in. And sometimes you just can’t beat a trusty spiral bound flip notepad. Available in super cool Smiggle graphic print options as well as cute character like plush unicorns, flamingos and dolphins. None of these notepads are running short on cuteness!

Colourful graphic A4 exercise books are school time staples that every little one needs in their backpack. Featuring holes to fit a standard two-ring binder, ruled margins, subject, and date area all that’s left to say is…write on!

Smiggle is the only destination when it comes to eye-catching and creative notebooks and exercise books for kids. Scented, covered in reversible sequins, lockable with applique badges and full of colour, our notebooks and notepads are the life of the stationery party and will bring some brightness and playfulness to every kid’s day!

Shop for all the most colourful and lovable kids notebooks, exercise books and desk essentials online at Smiggle now.