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You’ll find all sorts of fun-filled kids pencils at Smiggle!

Smiggle makes writing all that more fun with stellar picks like scented pencils, colour change and mechanical pencils! Not only do they look super cool they also write incredibly smoothly too! Pencil this in: when it comes to unforgettable designs and high quality materials Smiggle pencils have got it made!

Scented pencils and rainbow coloured pencils are crowd favourites that’re sure to remain as popular as ever! Our irresistible scented HB pencils with interchangeable scented eraser toppers feature a range of delightful scents that will wow the kids! Pencils have never smelt this good before with delicious scents including, cola, blueberry, strawberry and fairy floss.

Why limit the kids to writing with just one pencil colour when they can use all the colours of the rainbow with a rainbow pencil? You can even get temperature activated colour change rainbow pencils! These multi-coloured rainbow pencil leads have a jumbo 1cm pencil diameter so they are easier to hold and write with plus they sport cool Smiggle graphics on the side of the barrel.

Are the kids tired of constantly sharpening their pencils? Well, they’ll never have to sharpen again with a mechanical pencil! Mechanical pencils provide a sharper edge with consistent and super clean lines for that precision grey lead writing and drawing. Mechanical pencils are environmentally friendly too as you can just buy lead refills rather than replacing your pencil. And the kids will love all the different graphics styles as well.

Looking for gift ideas for the kids? Pencil and eraser gift box sets are just the thing you’ve been looking for! All the unicorn fans out there will love our super cool collectable gift set with unicorn erasers. The set contains five HB grey lead pencils with ferrule and eraser plus a set of 5 collectable erasers.

Give their stationery collection a boost with Smiggle’s pen and pencil packs. Pen and pencil packs are a sure-fire way to fill out their stationery kit and are full of handy and fabulous additions like sharpeners, sketch books, rulers and pencil topper erasers. A twelve pack of glitter pencils is a great way to bling out their collection and they’re guaranteed to be lots of sparkly fun. And a sketch book stationery kit has everything the kids need to create their next masterpiece!

Shop all the most colourful and exciting pens and pencils online at Smiggle now.