Our Pink or Blue Just be You campaign is all about individuality, self-confidence and self-expression.

Here at Smiggle we believe colour has no gender and our fans are free to select and interact with any goodies that they feel best reflect them and their personalities - there are no rules!

With so many colours, ranges, prints and styles to choose from, fans have the opportunity to be inspired by their individuality, carve their own path and make their own choices.

We strive to encourage our fans to carry this way of thinking across all areas of their lives, whether it be in their favourite activity, hobby, character or song!

Our differences are what make us special, so we want to encourage our fans to celebrate them!

So no matter what your child chooses – we want them to always be themselves.


Here are some photos of our fans - proving that colour has no gender! #JUSTBEYOU

If you're comfortable to, share a JUST BE YOU photo with us on social, and tag @Smiggle_uk with #JUSTBEYOU