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Discover the scent of fun with a variety of scented stationery!

Fill their school day with colour and excitement and kit them out with a set of scented pens and pencils. Scented stationery makes homework a riot; scented pens and pencils smell absolutely divine and have plenty of handy features that make them a blast to write with. We think these are our best smelling pens and pencils ever! From scented pastel gel pens and scented highlighters to scented pencil toppers and scented pencil packs, Smiggle has all the most fabulous scented pens and pencils!

Colour their world with a scented pastel gel pen pack and see what masterpieces they come up with next. The pack is full of pastel pens gel ball point and a special scent for every colour. The kids will be the envy of the class with these vibrant and colourful pens! The pack also comes in a hard case with a clip lock for easy storage and transport. For out of this world colour for their artwork it’s hard to go past these pastel pens!

Give their pencil case a fresh new vibe with Smiggle scented pencil packs! Our scented pencils have been updated to provide a longer-lasting scent so the kids can enjoy the zesty, fruity scents for even longer. Smiggle scented pencils even have crazy scents you wouldn’t think were possible in a pencil like spaghetti, birthday cake and salted caramel donut!

A mega super cool coloured pencil pack like the Lil' Scent Crazy Critters with crazy critter character toppers is a crowd favourite amongst the kids. The Lil’ Scent pencil mega pack includes twelve coloured pencils that are topped with fruity scented characters plus eight printed greylead pencils with eraser toppers. The scented pencil mega pack is bursting with fruity characters and will be number one on their must-haves list. Fun characters and enticing scents to stir the senses: what’s not to love?

Smiggle's kooky, fruity and fabulous scented markers are favourites with all the kids! Perfect for little hands and big imaginations, scented markers and highlighters will take care of all their marking and highlighting needs and smell great at the same time too. Will they choose Cola Koala, Applesaurus or Choco fox? It’s a tough decision that’s for sure!

Shop the most magical scented pens and pencils online at Smiggle now.